How To Clean A Diamond Ring With Windex

Clean A Diamond Ring With WindexIt may not seem like the best choice but cleaning a diamond ring with Windex is totally safe. It contains absolutely no chemicals that should damage the stone or the band. It is safe for use on yellow and white gold, platinum, sterling silver and titanium.

However, it could damage bands that are made from other metals or that have been plated. If the ring does become damaged as a result of cleaning it with Windex, there is more than likely a problem with the plating process and it is best to return the ring to retailer.

To safely clean a diamond ring in Windex, you will need:

– A small glass or ceramic bowl (not metal).
– Warm water.
– Windex.
– A soft cloth and/or soft toothbrush.
– A paper towel.

Fill the bowl about half way with warm water and add a couple of sprays of Windex. Place the ring in the solution and soak for a couple of minutes. Not too long, just enough time for the Windex to start dissolving built-up grease and grime. For stubborn dirt, leave up to 10 minutes.

Although you can spray Windex directly on the ring, this is not always as effective as using it with warm water. It is also not advisable to use Windex in concentrated form on jewelry.Clean A Diamond Ring With Windex

Remove from the solution and scrub gently with the toothbrush to remove any dirt. Soft and gentle are the keywords here. If you use a brush that is too hard or scrub the ring too roughly, you could scratch the surface of the band, although this is unlikely. If the band does become damaged after scrubbing, it may mean that it is not made from a precious metal. Scrubbing cannot damage the hard surface of a diamond.

Rinse the ring and use the soft cloth to dry it and to shine and polish the surface of the diamond and the ring. Place on the paper towel to allow any remaining water to be absorbed. Your diamond and ring should be shining and look like new.

If all the dirt was not removed and the ring is not shining, simply repeat the process. You can safely clean the diamond ring as often as necessary and it is also safe for most other types of jewelry. It may however damage items like costume, fake or cheap jewelry. Test the Windex solution on a small area using a cotton bud before cleaning these types of items.

Cleaning diamond jewelry with Windex is not just an alternative method for cleaning but is preferred by jewelers and retailers in the industry to safely clean the items. In fact, many experts suggest this cleaning method over other types of jewelry cleaners available on the market that are often less effective or could contain chemicals that may damage a ring or other types of jewelry.

So save yourself some money on buying expensive jewelry cleaners and try the Windex cleaning method for sparkling, shining diamonds.

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